Answers to Common Questions


Is your practice accepting new patients?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting new patients at this time.

What is the cancellation policy at your office?

Please see our cancellation policy here.

What do I need to bring with me for my appointment?

You will need to bring your insurance card and your copayment for your appointment. Please arrive early to your first appointment in order to fill out new patient forms if you have not already completed the forms. The forms are available here. Please check with your insurance company to see if you need a referral or authorization to see Dr. Israel. If so, please obtain these before coming to your appointment.


I’m going to run out of medication before my next appointment, what should I do?

Call your pharmacy and have them contact the office. Prescription requests take up to 72 hours to fill. To avoid running out of medication, contact your pharmacy when you have one week’s worth of medication left. Note: If you have not had a recent appointment with Dr. Israel, you might need to come in for a follow-up assessment appointment before the refill is authorized.

What happens when I’m informed that my prescription requires preauthorization?

At times, insurance companies delay paying for your medication and require the office to obtain preauthorization from them. Usually, the pharmacy informs us of the rejected claim and we begin the process without your having to do anything. However, if you receive notification make sure you forward anything you receive to the office manager. While our office strives to expedite this process, each company’s process is a little different, and may have different criteria for approval of medication. This can be an issue in psychiatry in which effective treatment often involves the use of medications that are officially approved for a different use. As a result of all this, sometimes approval can take several days, and sometimes the insurance company will continue to deny payment. If you find yourself in this position, you can always pay for a few days supply of medication out of pocket while we see if the approval can be obtained. Sometimes we can provide samples of medication to hold you over or, in some cases, alternative funding mechanisms. In the worst case, if coverage is not forthcoming, we will discuss treatment alternatives.

Records, Reports, Forms, Letter and Other Paperwork

How can I get a copy of my medical records?

To obtain a copy of your medical records or to have them sent to another agency or doctor, please submit a written request to the office manager.

Can the doctor fill out/sign a form/write a letter I need?

While we try to accommodate all requests, time to complete reports or forms must be scheduled during usual office hours. Thus, there might be a wait until time becomes available. You might be asked to come in at that time to provide information. In general, your providing your own written responses to the form’s questions for Dr. Israel’s reference will speed the process. There is a charge for the time it takes to compose reports or fill out forms, and because it is not a clinical service, it is not covered by insurance.


How much is my copay/coinsurance?

Most often, you can find out your copay/coinsurance information by contacting your insurance company via phone or internet. We are defined as outpatient mental or behavioral health in a doctor’s office. Some insurance plans group us together with primary care physicians, while others group us with specialists. In many cases, mental or behavioral health is its own entity. If you have any questions your insurance company can’t answer, contact the office and we’ll try and help out. We will let you know how much your copay/coinsurance is before each appointment.

I received a bill in the mail and have a question about it. Who can I speak with?

We use an outside company for billing called Psychiatric Billing Associates. Our representative, Jonica, can be reached at (800) 650-6334 ext. 73. If you have additional questions, please call our office at (301) 468-2262 ext. 2 and speak with the office manager.

I haven’t received a bill in the mail and don’t know if I have a balance. Who can I speak with?

Call the office and make sure we have your correct mailing address on file. Please note that we use an outside billing company that mails out statements quarterly. At any time you can call the office and find out what your balance is.